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Sherman, Texas

Sherman industries are hiring and offering competitive wages and benefits. They are looking for hardworking, dedicated individuals with a variety of skills. Everything from entry-level to management positions are available in production, customer service, technology, and logistics. With this variety of opportunities, there is sure to be a great fit for you.

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#6 - "Top 12 Texas Cities Everyone In The Country Is Moving To"

- Business Insider, February 2020

An Ideal Location

Sherman, Texas is a city of 42,000 plus residents in north Texas, approximately 40 miles north of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Sherman is located in Grayson County and is the largest city within the tri-county area. It is the primary city for business, retail, government and professional services for the Sherman-Denison metropolitan area (pop.122,000) and the entire Texoma region. Sherman regularly attracts commuters and visitors from adjacent rural counties, fast growing Dallas suburbs to the south and southern Oklahoma to the north.

Thriving Economy

Sherman is directly in the path of the rapid northward expansion of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. We have a proactive city government that is preparing for the growth that is coming to ensure quality development and economic diversity. To give you an idea of how fast our city is growing… In 2019, home building increased by almost 16%, and our commercial and industrial economy – which helps keep property taxes low – grew by over 19%! Because of this growth and our proximity to the metroplex, new businesses, retailers, restaurants, and entertainment venues are choosing Sherman for their next location.

Sense of Community

Sherman is known for its welcoming community and business support. Award-winning schools, affordable neighborhoods, a great artistic and cultural scene, and strong civic organizations help ensure an outstanding quality of life. It’s all these reasons and more why we call Sherman a Classic Town with a Broad Horizon.

When I came to Capio Partners, I actually had no call center experience. It’s helped me get financial stability. I’ve grown a lot as an individual.

- Kristi Prisner, Capio Partners

We moved from Nashville, Tennessee. Sherman was an absolute great fit for us as a little starter family. It was a great place for us to come and put our roots down.

- Beth Kratochvil, Douglass Distributing

Sherman is actually a very rapidly growing town, and if I were you, I would try and get a foothold here before anybody else does.

- Catherine Ceniceros, Emerson

The pay is great for this area. It allows me to not only pay my mortgage but also take me and my family on vacations every year.

- Shelton Blanton, Eaton B-Line

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